Customer Management Platform

CRM and Loyalty Programs automation
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Platform Modules
Customer Data Acquisition
Loyalty Program
Customer Data Acquisition
The module provides the ability to collect customer data from many sources, process and structure the data.

Some features of the module:


with any data sources. For example: 1C, website, SED, ERP, social networks, etc.

Unlimited number of fields to a customer profile

For example: clothing Stores can add the field "clothing Size" or "Preferred style"

‘Role-based’ interface

For example: marketers do not see customers ' personal data, but only their presence or absence

Deduplication rules

find duplicates by matching any field For example: if the email address and/or phone number match

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Omni-channel communication: email, SMS, phone call, website, POS, messengers, etc., providing unique customer experience.

Some features of the module:

An intuitive email template editor

that makes it easy to create mailings

A/B testing

Tracking website visitor activity

Conversion calculation for each channel

Preview emails on different screen sizes

Possibility to choose the most convenient channel of interaction for each client

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Loyalty Program
The module allows to create and manage mechanics that encouraged customers to perform the necessary activities (purchases, activity in social media, tell a friend, etc).

Some features of the module:

User-friendly editor for configuring “earn points” rules for any actions

For example: 1 балл за каждые потраченные 100 руб.

“Redeem points” rules configuration for purchasing products or services

For example: Redeem points up to 50% of the check amount at the rate of $1 = 1 point

Set up point expiration rule

For example: validity of ordinary points-1 year, validity of status points-1 month

Launching marketing campaigns within the loyalty program

For example: Target audience -new members of the LP, validity-unlimited, Mechanics- + 100 points for redeeming within 14 days

Maintaining a catalogue of prizes/gifts

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The Platform comes with the set of predefined reports that cover different areas of CRM.

Some predefined reports of the "Analytics" module:

  • Report for brand.
  • Report «Customer Retention»
  • Report «Customer Preferences»
  • Report «Sales Funnel»
  • Report «Loyalty Program»
  • Report «Effectiveness of marketing campaigns»
  • Report «Analysis of fraud»
  • Report «Effectiveness of communications»
LOYALME Services
Customer Data Acquisition
  • Customer base analysis
  • Development of the customer base management strategies
  • Customer base management outsourcing
  • Communication analysis
  • Development of the communication strategy
  • Communications management outsourcing
Marketing Campaigns
  • Audit (Analysis) of the current marketing campaigns
  • Development of the strategy and the procedures for marketing campaigns management
  • Marketing campaigns management outsourcing
Loyalty Programs
  • Audit (Analysis) of the current loyalty program
  • Development and implementation of the loyalty program
  • Loyalty programs management outsourcing
Customer Data Acquisition Services
Our experienced business consultants will show the potential of your customer base
Customer base analysis
Analysis of customer profiles (360 view) and development of recommendations for filling the database with the necessary data

Analysis of consumer activity (RFM) and development of recommendations for practical application of the analysis results
Customer base management strategies development
Development of mechanisms for collecting and enriching customer profiles

Developing strategies and procedures for the regular review customer base, using segmentation, RFM, binary segmentation, etc.
Customer base management outsourcing
Regular data cleaning and deduplication

Operational management of customer base enrichment
Communications Strategies Services
Our business consultants will help to conduct an in-depth analysis of existing communications, as well as to build a new communication strategy that will directly affect sales
Communications analysis
Analysis of existing customer communications (triggers, newsletters, etc. ) and development of personal recommendations to improve its efficiency
Communication strategy development
Development and implementation of communication strategy including trigger communications and regular communications
Communications management outsourcing
Outsourcing of communications management (design, layout, testing, results analysis)
Marketing Campaigns Services
Our business consultants will help you to plan and evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns
Existing marketing campaigns audit
Audit of existing marketing campaigns (promotions), performance analysis and development of KPI recommendations
Marketing campaigns management strategy
Development and implementation of the strategy for regular marketing campaigns aimed at selected segments
Marketing campaigns management outsourcing
Outsourcing of marketing campaigns management
Loyalty Programs Services
Our business consultants will allow you to use effective loyalty program mechanics that are suitable for Your company and that directly affect the frequency of purchases and average check
Existing loyalty program audit
Audit of the existing loyalty program with the development of recommendations to improve its effectiveness
Loyalty Program strategy
  • Concept
  • Engagement strategy
  • Marketing model
  • Financial model
  • Operations
Loyalty programs management outsourcing
  • Operational management
  • Planning
  • Implementation and analysis of the results of targeted and non-targeted marketing campaigns
From 2011 LOYALME helps multinational brands to build CRM processes, launch loyalty programs and achieve business goals, unlocking a full potential of their customer base. In 2014, LOYALME launches the Customer Management Platform – a cloud-based solution, that reflects years of consulting experience in CRM and Customer Loyalty.
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Cool facts
  • Exclusive partner of 26 brands of L'Oreal Group
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  • Backed by INSEAD Business School alumnus
  • Cloud-based
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